3 Field Softball Complex

This is a project which features 3 softball fields and 6 tennis courts.   They are not connected geographically.   The softball fields levels are specified at 50/30 and 30/20.   The tennis courts are Class 2 ITF.  The Softball fields feature an integrated control management system which allows remote scheduling, load monitoring, level control, and system management with reporting.

This control system all works through a wireless mesh network in conjunction with custom made LED lighting.  The system eases the workload of an on site field supervisor.  The system can be controlled by desktop, tablet (on site) or by phone.

The LED lights from SpecGrade LED use 600w and 1000w.   Uniformity on the fields is equal or better than the professional standard.  We also manage to cut down on the number of fixtures thereby cutting down on pole mounting and pole costs.

For more information on our wireless control system or to schedule an on site inspection and field analysis, just email chris@evergreenappliedtechnologies.

Total project cost is roughly $450,000.

Durango_softball_rendering Durango_tennis_6-24-36 Durango_tennis_6-24-36_pc

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