Orange County Convention Center Custom RGBW

UPDATE:   The project is complete and we ended up using a combination of the two options originally quoted.   The project used 9 units of 600w Custom RGBW lights with custom optics and wireless control with app integration.
Total project cost with installation $50,000

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Here’s a unique and possibly fun project for a Convention center.  We were tasked with relighting the project, despite the fact they already have LED floods.   The first round wasn’t bright enough with a fixture that used 192 watt at 17,000 lumens.

West Building Exterior West Building

Option 1 – High powered stadium flood
The rendering hits over 70 fc in the target banner area while the other area is nicely washed with light as well.   Fixtures are rated at 150k hours+.   10 fixtures are used at a total cost of $29,000.


Option 2 – Custom RGB Floods with removable optics, wireless transmitters, and control board
This option uses a 378 watt RGB Flood with a total output of 25,000 lumens.   I know that’s a low lm/w but remember this is RGB.   These fixtures have over a billion color choices.  The setup comes with wireless transmitters and a control board for scene control.  The increase is 32% on the existing light.   But we are also adding an additional 5 fixtures which is a 55% increase in light levels.   And we gain the funtionality of RGB for some marketing effects.

This is a custom built flood fixture similar to the one below, just 4x larger.   Total project cost is $48,000.

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